PowerBI and Fabric with Mike Carlo

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How do PowerBI and Microsoft Fabric work together? Richard talks to Mike Carlo about his experiences with Fabric so far. Mike explains how it is early days for Fabric and something you should experiment with, not roll out to production. The conversation dives into how we structure data analytics and the potential of Fabric to bring forward more of the pipeline work that analytics needs - so you can explore and get results faster. This leads to the idea of a new relationship between analysts and data engineers, one where you generate results first, then can optimize them with back-end engineering. There is enormous potential in PowerBI and Fabric together to change the data analytics game!


Recorded August 4, 2023


Mike Carlo is an independent business owner at Carlo Consultants LLC working on Power BI and modern data warehouse implementations. He has been a Microsoft MVP (certified Most Valuable Professional) since 2017, creator of PowerBI.tips, developer of multiple Power BI tools, co-leader at the Milwaukee (Brew City) Power BI user group and a Microsoft contributor to the Power BI desktop program. Mike enjoys speaking, creating video content and engaging in all-things-Power BI. Power BI changed Mike's entire career path, from working in data as a mechanical engineer to now designing end-to-end solutions in Power BI. His passion for learning and sharing his knowledge has enabled him to be a leader in the Power BI community. Mike holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering (M.Eng) from UWM and an MBA from Cardinal Stritch University.

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