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It's episode 900! Richard brings friend Dana Epp onto the show to talk a bit about the last one hundred episodes of RunAs Radio - and a little look to the future as well. With Dana around, you know there will be lots of security conversation. Over the past hundred shows, ransomware has had quite the story arc, especially around Exchange Server and other products. The conversation then turns to more future-looking topics, including the various Microsoft Copilots being built - could these be tools to help sysadmins? Probably a topic for episode 1000!


Recorded September 15, 2023


Richard Campbell has spent more than 40 years playing around with microcomputers. Along the way he's done virtually every job you can imagine in the industry, from manufacturing to programming to consulting, training and writing. Today Richard is a Microsoft Regional Director, an ASP.NET MVP and co-host of .NET Rocks!, the Internet Audio Talkshow for .NET Developers (www.dotnetrocks.com) as well as host of RunAs Radio (www.runasradio.com), the podcast for Microsoft IT Professionals. You can reach Richard at info@runasradio.com.

Dana Epp has spent decades as a security architect that focuses on helping secure software, data and infrastructure. You might say he's been on and led Blue and Red Teams well before it was even a thing. When he's not helping to build and grow software companies focused on developing security tools he's advising others on how to build and break their own applications and environments. As both a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft Security MVP for 16 years, these days he spends a great deal of time on security (de)engineering in the cloud, especially in Microsoft Azure.

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