Large Language Models for IT Pros with Seth Juarez

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What can large language models do for you and your organization? Richard chats with Seth Juarez about the reality behind large language models like ChatGPT – how they are built, what they are good at, and most importantly, what they are not suitable for. Seth talks about the tremendous hype around these technologies and how to cut through the noise to focus on the value they can provide. As an IT Pro, you will be asked how to utilize large language models, so it is helpful to clearly understand their potential and help your company benefit from them while minimizing the risks.


Recorded September 18, 2023


Seth Juarez is a Program Manager in the Azure Artificial Intelligence Product Group at Microsoft. He received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science at UNLV with a minor in Mathematics and completed his master's degree at the University of Utah in Computer Science. He is focused on Artificial Intelligence specifically in the realm of Machine Learning. Seth works on a .NET library meant to simplify the usage of common machine learning algorithms.

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