Azure Operator Nexus with Jennelle Crothers

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How do telcos use the cloud? Richard talks to Jennelle Crothers about her work with Azure Operator Nexus, a set of services and tooling for telecommunications companies. Jennelle talks about a meeting of the minds between telcos like AT&T and Microsoft - both organizations have a lot of infrastructure, but the cloud is also an architecture that can help provide more sophisticated and resilient services. It's an area of the cloud you may not have seen much of, but it will impact devices going forward - this is our connectivity we're exploring here!


Recorded October 12, 2023


Jennelle Crothers has traveled through her technology career as a Systems Administrator "jack of all trades" overseeing Windows domains, networking, telecommunications and other IT systems, ultimately evolving with the cloud to Azure and Kubernetes. Through her roles at Microsoft, she's focused on sharing what's new with Microsoft technologies and helping customers use the cloud successfully. Currently, she is a technical program manager with Azure for Operators, a Microsoft organization focused on products for telecommunication operators.

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