Zero Trust Adoption Guidance with Nicolas Blank

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We're all using zero trust - but are we using it well? Richard talks to Nicolas Blank about his work helping to develop the Zero Trust Adoption Framework. Nicolas talks about resisting the buzzword effect and avoiding looking at zero trust as a set of products because it isn't - it's really about the people and processes in your organization that keep things secure. The conversation also digs into the tabletop exercises needed to create priorities for security - not everything in your organization needs the same level of protection or effort. It pays to work through scenarios!


Recorded October 12, 2023


Nicolas Blank is the founder, architect, author, and speaker focused on Microsoft 365 and Azure at NBConsult Group in South Africa, England, and Hong Kong. He has been a Microsoft Certified Master for Exchange and Office 365, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for M365 Apps & Services, and Microsoft Azure since March 2007. Nicolas was one of the co-authors of the Microsoft Zero Trust Adoption Framework, including Overview, Rapidly Modernize your Security Posture, Secure Remote and Hybrid Work with Zero Trust, and Prevent or Reduce Business Damage from a Breach. He is the author of "Microsoft Exchange Server 2013: Design, Deploy and Deliver an Enterprise Messaging Solution", published by Sybex, and created "Azure Site Recovery: IaaS Migration and Disaster Recovery," a video series published by Pluralsight. As a podcaster, Nicolas is a co-founder and contributor to podcast and the SCI Fridays Show. He blogs at and tweets as @nicolasblank.

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