Hardening Active Directory with Jerry Devore

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Active Directory is still part of our lives - but can we make it more robust? Richard talks to Jerry Devore about his ongoing blog series on hardening Active Directory. Jerry talks about credential drift - decisions made in the past to turn down (or off!) security features in AD that made sense at the time but are no longer relevant. Most of these efforts only consume time - no products are involved, or the products are free. Check out the links in the show notes for Compliance tools that can help you find vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, including AD.


Recorded November 20, 2023


Jerry Devore is a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. Over his 27 year IT career he has specialized in Windows domains beginning with NT 3.51. In his eleven years at Microsoft Jerry's focus has shifted from Active Directory engineering to security. In his role he draws on perspective gained working compromise recovery operations while helping Microsoft customers proactively address insecure configurations. Outside of work he can be found exploring the eastern half the United States by boat.

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