Software Licensing in 2024 with Mary Jo Foley

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Is there a strategy for buying software licenses? Richard talks with Mary Jo Foley about her new role at Directions on Microsoft, including her experiences around the multi-day workshops on effectively buying software licenses today. Mary Jo talks about understanding the entire landscape of software licenses your organization needs, how they are used, and how you can build a strategy to negotiate a better licensing cost for your organization. You already do much of the work for this, but bringing everything together is a challenge - but worth it!


Recorded December 14, 2023


Mary Jo Foley is the Editor in Chief at Directions on Microsoft, an independent advisory and planning firm focusing on Microsoft enterprise products and licensing. Foley is in charge of Directions blog and podcasts and assists with other published content. Before that, she was a contributor with ZDNet specializing in all things Microsoft, as well as the cohost of the "Windows Weekly" show on TWiT. She's been in the tech-journalism field for almost 40 (!) years.

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