Maximizing Metadata with Emily Mancini

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How does your company organize information? Richard chats with Emily Mancini about the metadata in SharePoint. Emily points out that if you're using Teams, you're using SharePoint - it's all under the hood. And that means any files are being tagged with metadata whether you do it intentionally or not. Taking control of your metadata can mean more effective searches and managing surprises with tools like M365 Copilot. Metadata can help you protect sensitive data and make existing data visible to the people needing it. Spending a few hours with it can make a huge difference!


Recorded January 4, 2024


Emily is a lifelong learner and passionate advocate for seamless user experiences- specializing in information architecture and user interface design (UX master certified by Nielsen Norman Group). She thrives on building accessible structures to help people find what they are looking for and better understand their surroundings. Emily is a recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for 3 consecutive years and a member of the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices team. A results-driven professional, Emily is recognized for her expertise in implementing Microsoft 365 solutions. She consistently delivers projects on time and within budget, with a particular focus on enhancing user satisfaction and usability. Emily aligns projects seamlessly with company culture and overarching goals leading to higher adoption. Emily has developed scalable environments for companies experiencing 10x growth in less than 5 years, managed migrations due to large-scale mergers and acquisitions, and specializes in initial implementations with hesitant new users. She possesses a deep understanding of what business owners need to implement intuitive and scalable solutions. Emily's experience as a communications manager, leadership development facilitator, and teacher provides a well-rounded background for interpreting and translating user needs across industries. She embeds effective training programs and compassionate change management strategies in every project, ensuring that all users are actively engaged in the journey. Emily believes a human-centered process will yield the best results.

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