Securing AI with Sarah Young

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As Artificial Intelligence enters our organizations, how do we secure them? While at NDC in Sydney, Richard sat down with Sarah Young to discuss the challenges of securing these new technologies. Sarah talks a bit about the fundamentals - in the end, AI technology is just more software and needs all the same authentication and authorization that other apps need. However, there are some unique aspects and potential exploits that you can address through tooling and education. We're all learning these new AI technologies and how to apply them in our organizations - training is essential!


Recorded February 14, 2024


Once described on Reddit as "technically challenged", Sarah is a Senior Cloud Security Advocate working at Microsoft. She has lived all over the place but currently calls Melbourne home. Sarah has been working in cyber security since before it was cool, has previously spoken at many security conferences including Black Hat and has co-authored a few Microsoft Press technical books. She is an active supporter of security communities across the globe and a co-host of the Microsoft Azure Security Podcast. Sarah spends most of her spare time gaming, eating hipster brunches and high teas and spending a disproportionate amount of her income on her dogs.

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