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How's your identity governance? Richard talks to Jef Kazimer from Microsoft about Entra's capabilities to help you have robust governance around identity. Jef talks about the lifecycle of identity - when someone joins the organization and a new identity gets created, privileges changing as roles evolve, to the eventual offboarding when that person departs. The same sort of cycle exists for devices, too - the question is only how much work you must do to get through those cycles. Entra offers tooling to get identity changes out of your support tickets - make your life easier with effective identity governance!


Recorded April 26, 2024


Jef Kazimer is a Principal Product Manager in the Microsoft Security Entra product group. Jef has over 25 years of experience working with and deploying enterprise identity solutions. Since joining Microsoft 12 years ago, he has helped customers deploy solutions through consulting services and brought those learnings back to the product group. As part of the customer experience engineering (CXE) program team, he partners with customers to inform, strategize, and provide deployment guidance for complex organizations utilizing Microsoft identity solutions with a focus on Identity Governance. He collaborates with customers to inform about and deploy Entra Identity and security capabilities, as well as identify product enhancements to help achieve their business goals through identity integration.

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