The Hard Part of Machine Learning with Lynn Langit

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What are the hard parts of machine learning? Richard chats with Lynn Langit about her work helping the Mayo Clinic improve patient outcomes using machine learning to understand patient data better. Lynn talks about the challenges of multi-modal data analytics - taking all the different data collected from a patient, like an X-ray or video, along with treatment notes, to create an overall picture of treatment and outcome. Then multiply that by thousands of patients, making a complicated data problem with huge challenges in testing and validation. How do you know that the machine learning model is correct? The key to practical machine learning is in the fundamentals - working on each step before you jump to the more complex goals!


Recorded May 17, 2024


Lynn Langit is a cloud architect who works with GCP, AWS, and Azure. For her technical education work, Lynn has been recognized as a Google Developer Expert (Cloud/AI), AWS Community Hero (Data) and Microsoft Regional Director. She specializes in designing, building, and deploying cloud architecture for data and AI solutions, including generative AI. Lynn works with bioinformatics researchers worldwide to apply cloud patterns to human health research such as cancer genomics and spatial multi-omics.

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